tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010

A chairman's speech for cosplay

Hopefully you don't see any big words here that mean nothing. I'm talking from the bottom of my heart now. You don't have to say anything. Just think what I'm saying here.

Who has invented all the rules in the world? Not the laws. Just the social rules that exist in the normal city culture everywhere in public. You have to dress like you are expected for example. You know what, I hate it. I still dress like I'm expected to dress in school and so on. Do you know what I despite the most in this thing? All girls should use make up and look pretty in their Gina Tricot clothes. That should be against the law. I don't like looking pretty most of the time. But sometimes, I let myself to make all my fantasies come true. In cosplay. For one day, I can be just anyone: A blabbling lady from the manor, the boy'ish girl with some attitude, a man with some very good life values, or something very surreal. I can even tranfer myself to another time if I want to.

Of course it all doesn't exist in real life when I'm cosplaying. I don't change to another person or go back in time. I don't look exactly like the characters. I could never ever look exactly like them. No one could. I wouldn't really want even be those people I'm cosplaying. I like to be myself. So what I'm in love with in cosplay is really an idea. Men have died for an idea many, many times during the time man has wandered on this planet, maybe even longer. So what this really is for me, is war. The idea of a free man is something to fight for. Doing everything upside down is my gun and you, people, you are my enemies. I don't make this war like you might think of doing it in World War or something as typically stupid as you might first be thinking of. I don't turn to the same meaningless freedom as the American. This is the freedom battle of beeing who we really are. Or could be. I could be like those characters I cosplay visually and by personality. I could look like them. But I'm not like them. I want to be who I am.

The cosplay has become a part of me. Of course it has other meanings for me too than this. But this is the deepest reason for me doing it.

Vive la revolution!

maanantai 29. maaliskuuta 2010

Hahaha, look what I did!

I just deleted the texts from my blog. They were a bit dum.. And... Yeah. Here's a comicstrip for you I made with Paint (whoo \o/)