maanantai 10. toukokuuta 2010

Feelin' good

Right at this moment I'm at school choosing the courses for next year. Yeah. I'm in Upper Secudary doing my second school year. Next year will be my last one. We had a meeting conserning the media diploma that the students doing media studies can accomplish during the last year. To have the diploma, we have to make a diploma work. It can be almost anything. A video or sound project, photos, articles. Something beyond my imagination and yours. I have been thinking of what it could be. Since the biggest part of my life I think about cosplay, it will probably have something to do with it. Even if I think other options. I have an idea but it will remain secret until I'm sure about it.

A few minutes ago I was feeling better than alright. Now I'm just... Out of rage. The network doesn't work at all. Am I gonna have all the courses I'm trying to have here?!

Okay, let's get back to the point where I was still happy. Well, not quite. But happy in a half sad way if you get it. Jack Sparrow, as my favorite character, has been my dream cosplay for years (if you have read my blog, you know this). So, I'm so happy-sad when I really see that I have the talent to be Jack... I could almost cry. This is so big to me. I've had all these comments like: "Is that really you?", "It thought you were really Depp", "Well done", "Too hot" and flirty teasing from a few directions. I can't take it. I just start to giggle, go all red and fall to the floor and laugh. These reactions come in a positive way. I'm all flattered. Maybe I'll get used to it. But this is so weird to be so close a dream come true.. ....... AAAH!

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