perjantai 7. toukokuuta 2010

The Legendary Captain Jack Sparrow

I have come a long way from the day I choose to start cosplaying. Right after I had made my first costume (Sora, Kingdom Hearts II), I started to plan Captain Jack Sparrow as one of my future cosplays. I knew that I wasn't good enough to do it yet, so I planned to make it maybe after making two other costumes. When I could see that I was not good enough after those two costumes either, I postponed the point of time once again to the far away future. Now, the time has come to make my dream cosplay come true.

I'm really having a huge pressure on me about this costume. I thought I'd have enoug time to do this. When I made my Fumika (which was alot easier to make) I had two months to make it and used about 200 hours with it. The last hours of it in panic. I was really lazy though.

I started to make something concrete for Jack before Christmas, a mummied chicken's foot and started with the mermaid charm. I've now had a half a year break which is was a way too long period. This week I've made the seven most important pearls for Jack's wig. Quite a few to go still. Btw, I've had hard brain-storming on how to do the coins with all their details... I need tips. If you have any, please share. Those would be also the rare stuff I could order from somewhere if I even knew which country's coins they where and from which period. I have my guess: They are mostly perhaps from Singapore.

The day I'm livin' more or less right now has gone all waste again. I found a really cool PotC forum online and I'm feeling home there already. Maybe it's good to have a good nice rest before I start the costume.

Oh, Jack. I'm feeling a coming a little closer to ye. My head has been today somewhere there very high up in the sky. Men. That's what it's always all about...

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