lauantai 8. toukokuuta 2010

My first make-up test

This is my first make-up test for Jack Sparrow. I guess I have a good face to cosplay Johnny's characters or himself, (At least if we take to the calculations that I'm a woman) but what really is important, is the make-up.

I've seen many Jack-cosplayers who have an okay costume, but an awful make-up. So here's a tutorial.

A good Jack-mak-up's basics are these:

1) Bronze. It can be almost anything. Just blend smoothly and mix some colors.

2) Lights and shades. Have a picture of Jack where you can see the make-up clearly enough to copy it on your skin. The most important part are the jaws and the cheekbones.

3) Facial hair. It must be done carefully. It should NOT look that it's made of black card board and then glued on.

So, to create the make-up from simple ingredients you need:

-an eyeliner, dark brown or black
-black and white Grimas' créme make up
-brown water color make-up

1. Spread brown water color on the skin with for example a paintbrush. Then blend it with a sponge well everywhere. From the beginning keep your eye on where the darkest and the lightest parts are.

2. Tap with your fingers shades and lights on the face with the créme make-ups. If needed, draw with the eyeliner carefully some lines. Those parts would probably be the nose and the cheekbones. Then blend again.

3. Put some eyeliner in your eyes. Remember that they are not just some circles around them but there is some make-up too on the lower eye lid.

4. Draw the facial hair starting from the eyebrows by making smooth drags from up to down and slope the way the hair should go too. This way it should look natural.

Voìla! See, even from some very simple make-up you can make it look alot more authetic. Of course there are some details that I don't advice you about here, but if you want to go easy on this, try!

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  1. Few pointers: You might wanna think about loosing a few pounds, especially from your face. Johnny's face tend to be a tad more sharper and overall manlier, and there ain't enough make-up in the world to change a round face-shape in to a slimmer one.

    Also, do you use any moisturizer under your make-up? Though Sparrow's face is not that even when it comes to colours, it seems like the make-up looks a bit too uneven for him.

    You might also want to think about experimenting with your everyday make-up, just to get a better feel how things should and shouldn't look like, and then take what you've learned and use them on Sparrow's make-up. For me, it looks like you've still got a long way to go.

  2. Hey, anynonymous.

    Actually I have been working on loosing my weight lately just for this cosplay. I know I have some extra on my face and around me everywhere and that is why I'm trying to loose weight. Of course it has an effect on my body too, when I get those pounds of me. That's a plus. The problem is that loosing weight is really hard especially for me for psychological reasons. Anyway, I'll try my best.

    I didn't use moisturizer here. I intended to use it when doing the make-up seriously. This was just a test. I didn't know though that it has that kind of an effect to the result. Thanks for the information.

  3. Okay! Great that you've decided to "go as far" as to try to work out and change your body-shape, some people wouldn't do such just for cosplay's sake. Hope you'll overcome your psychological reasons, god knows how many of us have them when it comes working out! :-D

    Make-up tricks, no matter how insignifigant they are, might be just the extra oomph you need and give you a satisfying result. Experience, as well as lack of it, does show. Good luck!