sunnuntai 9. toukokuuta 2010

Hey guys!

It's Sunday and I'm cooling my computer with a fan while I'm writing this. You see, my computer overheats so easily right now and automatically turns off in a second if it gets too hot.

As you can see, I made my first make-up test yeasterday. I did one (or actually two) today as well. One for me and the other for my sister. I really didn't pay too much attention to the mustache and beard. How ever, you may find it in my profile. Hmm. Maybe I'll make things easier and put it here.

Here you go. That's what I did today. I guess the beard should be blacker and so on, but I hope you don't mind it. I took this pic for fun. For you. And practising the base really.

Oh my. It's already a quarter past six. I planned to draw in my sketch book the flower pattern on the bandada, which I have planned to do already for a week. So maybe now is the time to do that. I should also do the small stuff.. You know, some pearls, a saploon for the tattoo. Next week starting from tomorrow I should really move on to something bigger. The sword, the compass. The flintstone pistole. Order the wig I need before I start with the dreadlocks.

Any way, any gay. I think this is it for today. Gonna go continue with Jack. o7

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  1. Make-up's looking a lot better already! Be careful when you add the make-up, it still looks uneven (if you don't use moisturizer, that might be what'll need) and blend the shadows a bit more.

    Facial hair, unfortunately, looks a still like it's just drawn there, but since you said you didn't really do much for them, I understand. I do, however, suggest that you google and/or go to forums and look around; there's tons and tons of tutorials and really helpful people who might be able to give few advices for fake beard/moustache.
    Also - dunno if you've done this already - go look how other Jack-cosplayers have done things - like the beard, the make-up, etc. - and literally steal ideas. : D and cure might be the best places to look Sparrow-cosplayers.

  2. Hmm. If you find a picture of Jack in the third movie, you may see that the face looks uneven in the movie. There's some dirt and the sun has burned his face. From close-ups I have found out that Depp doesn't have a good skin either. It's really important to me that the whole cosplay doesn't look "new" in a bad way, you know.

    Oh, I didn't mention in the text that I'm gonna use some "real" hair when it's the real deal. Somewhere in the future I'll make even some latex implants for my face and I'll sort of dunk the facial hair in that stuff too for it to look authetic enough.

    I'm gonna go and look those other tutorials. But first I try to improve by myself, you know. That way I get the whole utility.

  3. Skin colour's uneveness and dirt/sunburns/etc are different things. I'm willing to bet that when Johnny was sitting and getting his Sparrow-make-up done for him, they tried to make an even base - a clean canvas - and then proceeded to other areas. Meaning, they hid Johnny's imperfections (baggy eyes, dark cicles under the eyes, redness, veins, what ever he might have had) with make-up. It's true as you say that his skin colour is uneven, but I'd say it's "evenly uneven" if that even makes any sense. : D

    But anyway, make-up artists and such usually start with and even base as it is the painting canvas where you'll put your blush/shadows/eyeliner/other stuff. You can use a variety of different shades of make-up for your base (I use three!), but always make sure that it's evenly blend (without forgetting neck/jawline and temples) and looks more or less normal.

    Improving self is really a good thing, and though admirable that you try to do things first by thinking things yourself, it doesn't really hurt you to look how other people have solved a similar problems. ;) If they're not usable as such, you still might get a tip or two out of them.