maanantai 14. kesäkuuta 2010

After a week of working with the compass...

...I finally finished it! Whoo! \o/ There is still missing the fake leather covering inside the upper part. In other ways, it's done. I like it a lot, but the one thing I'm not really proud of is the lock-thingy. I almost went crazy thinking of how to make it, so it's just paper and some metal yarn. At least it works somehow okay. As I previosly told, the plate-thingy can be twisted and turned around by this simple mechanism I made there. I planned to use magnets, but there's just a needle inside, that is attached to the plate and comes out from the bottom. I sort of shaped a nod again from the modelling clay I use alot and by turning it, the plate turns around too.

The whole thing goes with my plan B. The materials I used where simply just some cardboard, paper, modelling clay, metal yarn, acrylic colours and a needle. My favorites, I guess.

I guess some day after Tracon I'll paint it even dirtier (it is more uneven than it looks in the pictures) and cut and paint some missing pieces as there is in the P3, And make a new lock!

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