perjantai 14. toukokuuta 2010

Oy, myh lil' seaturtles o7

Things are rolling nicely. I've had a three hours break from making the costume. Yesterday I finished with modelling the rings, today I painted them. Two of the rings are still missing the jewel stones which I will make right after I get how to. I was thinking about glue... I also need to find some very small fake diamonds.

I could tell something about our Pirates of the Caribbean group cosplay in Tracon V! Tracon is a convention at Tampere in July's first weekend. The theme handles traditionally roleplaying games and anime and manga. This year Tracon is the biggest anime and manga convention in Finland, since Animecon '09 was perhaps the last one of Animecons here. Tampere is my hometown. At least from my mind. I really live at Lempäälä, but I go to school every day at Tampere and I lived there for 16 years of my life.
Anyway, for Tracon V, I have been organizing a PotC-group. At this moment, we have eleven members. The taken characters are these:

Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swann
James Norrington
Davy Jones
Tia Dalma

That is quite well, I'd say. This is my third group cosplay ever. It's amazing that this many people are interested about this. Ofcourse this is not much compared to American group cosplays, I guess, but I'm satisfied. In my dream PotC group I'd have along with these characters Sao Feng, Scarlet, Gibbs, Pintel and Ragetti. That is what I dare to dream of. If you have any interest, please let me know. In a perfect group I'd have also Captain Teague and the Pirate Lords, whole of the Black Pearls most important members and the Singaporean twins. My friend in school said as a joke that he could be the Hammerhead from the Flying Dutchman. That would have been fun. :)

If it isn't clear yet, I'm the whole group's lovely Captain Jack Sparrow. The character I have been pointing to cosplay my whole cosplay "career".

What I'm going to start with today is the compass. The hardest thing to do along with the wig, I guess. I'll have a moving needle too. I'm a bit excited about it but at the same time very scared. Wish me luck! o7

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  1. You could just buy fake jewls and attach them to the rings w/ transparent glue. They sell those in about every single craftstore.

    What materials you're going to use for/how are you gonna make the compass?

  2. I also wondered, how you'll make the sword? I'm in need of a pirate-sword for one of my future cosplay, but cannot figure how to do it.

  3. Buying the jewel stones is an option, but I think I won't find anything I'm perfectly or even nearby satisfied with.

    I'll make at least the first version of the compass from very thick card board and I'll see if it's gonna work. It has also these bone decoration thingies around it and I really try to make them from real bone, chicken's bone. It looks like we are gonna eat alot of chicken if the test version is gonna look alright... My second choices for the material are veneer and simply some wood. Veneer'd look ofcourse better, but it's harder to work with, so I take my chance first with the card board.

    I'll make the sword from a piece of wood too by carving it to the right shape. The handle'll be probably made from Cernit and I'll try to combine it somehow with a piece of soft foam. If not, it'll be all Cernit. I thought that Cernit is possibly too thin and it would easily break in use.