lauantai 19. kesäkuuta 2010

Satisfied? Never.

I'll put a couple of pics of my progress by now. *leaves downstairs to bring the camera* This is basically what I've done in four days:

Skeleton of the flintlockpistol and some buckles.

Jack's wristband.

The only thing from this stuff I can say is even nearby finished, is the wristband. I actually have to make one more with a "leatherish" touch. It's all different shape and everything but I think it wont take as much time as this one did. I hope.

The buckles are not finished yet as you may see from the picture. I have to figure out something to make at least the inner edges stronger. I know I'm kinda stupid because I used modelling clay to make them, but I was desperate! And I think I was right that Cernit wouldn't have been a much better idea either...

The least finished affect of the all is the flintlockpistol. I made the skeleton out of modelling clay too. There's alot to do. I have to sand it and make the missing pieces separate. Most of them from modelling clay but I was thinking about soft foam for some details. I have been making the sword too.... But at this moment I was too lazy and ashamed about it that I couldn't take a picture. When it's finished, I promise to put a pic or two.

I have been finding some stuff today. Stuff that has been gone around missing somewhere for a while. Fake leather, fake fur and my metalyarn stitcks. Yay!

Now, after doing nothing by this moment, I'll make my third aquamarine beltbuckle right now. I had in my plans also to make some buttons. Alot of buttons.


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  1. Hey, those buckles look rather neat! Good luck with finishing them and the rest of the costume~

  2. Oh, thanks. :3 Yeah. There'll be a rush with all of this. Ghh. Damn, I can lie to myself. A HUGE rush.